Monday, October 22, 2012

Longest Day Ever, Ever!!!!

Each month here at Turning Point we try to have what we call "The Longest Day Ever". This day is a day in which we spend as much time as we can with the youth in therapeutic activities. This month we decided that in having "The Longest Day Ever" we would challenge ourselves and the youth to have a very long day. As in 24 hours of group and together time! The following pictures are just a snapshot of some of the things we did throughout the day. We did learn a lot about ourselves as therapists, but we also learned a lot about the youth we work with. One thing that I learned was that we were able to challenge our youth and they were able to live up to those challenges. We were also able to see a different side of  many of the youth and that was neat. I think the youth were also able to see a different side of many of the adults! We had a great time and cannot wait to see what the next "Longest Day Ever" brings!

 Some of our youth doing service. This was a very special part of the day as we were able to help out a couple that truly needed service, but also were very appreciative of the hard work our youth did on their yard and home. 
 We challenged each of the pods to cook their own meals! They did great at the challenge and some of the food was even worth eating!!!
 For one of the group activities we had each youth create a mask to show their true feelings and what they are hiding on the inside. It was a powerful activity for many of them. 
 In the middle of the night we had a hike and this was the sight that greeted them when they arrived at the end. It was also great because it kept us warm! We held a group here about committing to the program and to the changes that need to be made to show their victims they have changed. 
Of course we have to have a picture of the sun rise. We had each youth spend some quiet time and watch the sun rise and think about who they are and what they need to do in order to succeed. It was a great day. We were all very tired, but it truly was a great experience for all who were there. 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Here is a plaque that was made with care by one of our staff for a youth that will soon graduate the program. This youth has been at home for the past three months and has shown that he has made changes in his life and has not relapsed. Due to this we will have a graduation ceremony where he will be presented with this plaque (Not the best picture, I know). The mirror in the middle is for the youth to look at each day, if there comes a time where the youth cannot look into the mirror and be happy with himself and his actions then that means he needs to change something to make himself be okay and to feel good about the kind of life he is living. The youth also chooses each quote that is on the plaque because each quote means something to them and the challenges and struggles they have overcome to heal. We hope to present a plaque to each youth that enters our program and we are always very happy when we can do this. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are Turning Point Family Care Inc. You may wonder what we are all about, so here is a brief version.
We are a residential treatment facility in Cedar City, Utah. Here we have NOJOS Level 6 clients who are referred to us by the court system due to the level of sexually acting out in the community. Much of this blog may be devoted to the kind of things we are doing with our clients in the facility. We like to take our clients out in the community for extensive group therapy days, community service, and other things that may be beneficial to our clients.
We also have foster/proctor care homes. We strive to provide the best types of homes we possibly can find for youth that are placed in proctor/foster care.
We also serve people in the community by offering mental health services provided by our experienced clinicians.
This blog will contain articles, stories, events, etc to showcase what we do best here, and that is to serve our clients.
If you have any suggestions please email at
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