Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Using the Twisted Forest as a Metaphor

We are so lucky that we live in Southern Utah.The beauty that surrounds us is amazing. This past week we went on a new hike. It is called the Twisted Forest Trail. It is located just past Brian Head up Parowan Canyon. The Twisted Forest Trail is a short trail that has the Bristlecone Pine trees located on it. The Bristlecone Pines are some of the oldest living things on the planet. They can live for thousands of years. We saw many of these trees that have survived fires, droughts, freezes, and many different types of weather. We used these as metaphors for the things in their lives. The many storms they have encountered in their lives and survived. We discussed the history of abuse and other trauma's they have been victims of. We discussed how this has affected their lives and if they have chosen to be a victim or a survivor. Many of the youth seemed to take the message from this hike and use it as a motivation to change. At the top of the trail we looked out over the view and discussed how at times we have to go through hard trials and it seems that all we do is climb mountains, but at the end it is worth it. 

The beginning of the trail. 

A view of the "Twisted Forest and a youth pondering our writing assignment. 

Another youth thinking about the hike. A look at the hill we had to climb. 

The youth at the top of the hike. The view was amazing!

These pictures are from the top. It is an amazing view. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Upper Limit Aviation Dropped By

Cedar City is such an amazing community to live in. It is a small town, but there are many giving and gracious people. Upper Limit Aviation is a flight school that is here at the airport. Check out their website http://www.upperlimitaviation.edu/
They heard about Turning Point and wanted to do something nice for us. They took time out of their day to fly a helicopter to our building and land right in front. They also talked to the youth about helicopters and becoming a helicopter pilot. They have also discussed having youth come to the school to learn more about helicopters. We hope that our youth will take advantage of opportunities like these. 
After all it's not everyday you get to see a helicopter land in the middle of the street.