Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Time At Turning Point!

This past week was a great one for us at Turning Point. On the 21st we had a family day. In the past the school had a play and a great feast after. This year we decided to change things up by doing a group family therapy. The group went great. We spent time talking about communicating with each other and talking about sex, and some of the other "hard stuff". We then had a communication exercise which was very telling for many families. It was interesting to see because in many ways we could tell the families that communicate well and those that don't communicate as well. The parent involvement in the group was great also. We had a lot of parents give great insightful comments and they took the group serious. After group we had the Christmas Feast that all of our youth who are in the cooking class prepared. The food was amazing! In the afternoon each family was also able to sit down with their child's therapist and have a family session  Youth were also allowed to spend a lot of time with their family. It was a very great day.
On Christmas Eve, Rick held a group that was an auction. Over the past month the youth were able to earn tickets that they would be able to spend at this auction. As an administration we decided to buy gifts for this auction instead of gifts for each other this year. The auction was a big success and all the youth seemed to really enjoy it. Many youth walked away from the auction with candy, chips, pop, t-shirts, games, anything the youth would like or enjoy.
Overall the holidays were great for the youth. It is hard to be away from their families, but we do our best to make certain the youth have some fun.

Thanks for reading.