Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Santa Clara Petroglyphs

It has been cold lately, but rain or shine we still get the boys out to do something fun. I heard about the Santa Clara Petroglyphs recently and thought it sounded like a fun hike to take the youth on. It did not disappoint. The hike wound up to a canyon edge where we saw many petroglyphs and the youth were able to climb and have fun while looking at the amazing things the Anasazi left years ago. Can I say again how lucky we are to live where we do? 
The focus of the group for the day was preparation and relapse prevention. We discussed how these ancient people lived their lives and were always prepared for their future because it was how they survived. We had each of the youth discuss their strengths and what they can use to survive. It was a fun day and the youth seemed to enjoy it. 

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