Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Vortex

It has been a long winter here. It seems each time we decided to try to have a hike or an outdoor activity it would snow. We have finally seen some good weather and decided to take advantage of it. I found this hike online and it was a little difficult to get there, (directions are not my thing) but we did finally find the trail and we were able to hike. At the top of this hike is a hole that was formed by erosion and according to the websites can be full of water. We were able to see standing water in many of these holes. The focus of the hike is to see how you have weathered the storms in your life and still standing. At the top of the hill we discussed how perspectives change when you look at things differently. 

 Some pics of us on the trail. 
 More trail pics.
 There was some very neat scenery on this hike. 

 The fearless leaders! 
 The youth who are also fearless and can do hard things!
 The Vortex.

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